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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I submit my rebate online?
A. Have your rebate form and invoice handy and go to the Submit Rebate page. Enter your Offer Code, found on the rebate form, Invoice Number, Transaction Date and Phone Number. We will match that information up with your invoice in our system.
Q. Why did it say you would notify me of my rebate status?
A. Before final approval of the rebate we have to match it up with your invoice. It can take up to four business days for invoice data to be updated in our system. The match will happen automatically as soon as your invoice is received and you will be notified by email immediately.
Q. Why is it telling me I have to mail or fax my rebate? Why can't I redeem it online?
A. Either we were unable to electronically validate your invoice or we never received a record of your invoice from the store. That can happen for various reasons. It does not mean that you are not eligible for a rebate, it just means that we need to process it manually. You will need to mail or fax your completed rebate materials. If you do mail in your rebate materials we recommend that you keep a photocopy for your records.
Q. How long will it take to receive my rebate?
A. Rebates will be mailed within three to four weeks of processing. Each rebate is mailed via first class mail.
Q. I forgot to send in for my rebate and now it has expired. If I send it in late, will I be able to get my rebate?
A. Unfortunately, we cannot process rebates that have expired. We recommend that you complete the online submission form as soon as you receive your redemption materials, or mail it in before the postmark date listed on the rebate form.
Q. I lost my original invoice. How can I get my rebate?
A. You will need to contact the store where you made the purchase in order to obtain a reprint of the invoice. The reprint will contain the information from the original invoice that you need to redeem your rebate.
Q. How do I find my original invoice number?
A. Click here for a diagram showing where to find the original invoice number.
Q. Where do I find the offer number?
A. Click here for a diagram showing where to find the offer number.
Q. I qualified for more than one rebate offer. Can I submit more than once?
A. Yes. If you qualified for more than one rebate offer you will need to apply once for each offer. If you purchased more than one set of tires or wheels on the same invoice, qualifying you for more than one rebate in the same rebate offer, the additional rebates will be automatically processed.
Q. I purchased more than one set of tires or wheels on the same invoice, qualifying me for multiple rebates in a single offer. Do I need to submit for each qualifying set on my invoice?
A. No. You only need to submit one time and we will process all qualifying rebates within that same offer.
Q. Why is the status of my rebate appearing as "Invalid"?
A. Either your purchase did not satisfy the rebate requirements, or it was outside of the program dates, or another rebate was redeemed on that same invoice.
Q. Where do I mail my rebate?
[insert offer number]
P.O. Box 6129
Mesa, AZ 85216
Q. Where do I fax my rebate?
A. 480-668-9402
Q. I am a new applicant; can I make multiple purchases and still get 20% off?
A. Yes, if you applied for the credit card within the last 30 days you will be considered a new applicant.
Q. How do I know what percentage I qualify for?
A. Rebate percentage break down:

Q. If I am eligible for both offers will I receive 1 or 2 cards?
A. You will receive two cards. One card for offer 26706 and another for offer 26707.
Q. Is the up to 20% on the total amount before or after taxes?
A. The rebate amount is based on the total invoice amount, including taxes.
Q. Is there a limit on the total rebate amount?
A. No, your rebate amount is based off the percentage you qualify for and total invoice amount.

If you have further questions please feel free to Contact Us for assistance.

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